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New Tires for the Farm Trucks

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Likely one of the more mundane things that has happened lately – but worth a bit of documenting. This week, the bale truck got new tires. Let’s be honest – it was needing them. The truck belongs to my dad, but resides on the farm because – well – it gets used here. After all of our haying in the Fall, the truck …

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Our “New” Cattle Wagon

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Jumping headfirst into farm ownership can cost and arm and a leg – especially if you choose to outfit your whole operation with brand new equipment. We’ve been all about frugal farming since we started this whole experiment over a year ago. We use an 80s-era tractor that came free with the property. We use all of its near-ancient implements to …

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Our First Hay Harvest

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The hay was cut on Wednesday. By this morning, it was ready for raking and baling. To be entirely honest, I was not entirely prepared for exactly what kind of undertaking this would be. After years and years of growing up on a farm – I’ve seen harvests happen in a number of ways. Never, though, have I been quite this …

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Bringing in the Equipment

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The time has come to cut and bale hay. Suddenly, we’re looking like a shockingly legit operation. My dad Dave and his friend Duane have all the right equipment after decades of family farming. Not to say that we would have never tried this flying solo with the Allis-Chalmers. We certainly would have given it our best shot – but all …