6″ Snow Dump Across the Metro

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Last night and through the day today, 6-8″ dropped on the Kansas City metro area – including our farm about 10 minutes North of Lawrence. Naturally, this was one of the very few days in which my day job all but required me to be in downtown KC.

When we moved to the farm, our 10-minute commute to the office turned into a 45-minute drive. That’s without kid drop-off. Most days, it’s a smooth roll down I-70. I listen to audiobooks, podcasts and new radio to pretend like I’m keeping up with the world despite having two kids, age two and under.

Today was far from the usual.

With 6″ of snow on the ground, I was grateful that we upgraded to an AWD Jeep with snow settings a few years back. I left about an hour earlier than typical for what I expected would be a 1.5-hour drive. Two hours later, I finally rolled into the office.

The snow continued through much of the day – looking like a blizzard dampening our view of the downtown skyline. I knew that, by the time I got home, the farm would look far different from how it did when I left.

The drive home took the same two hours. Slow, steady progress through the thick snow, slush and frozen overpasses. I pulled into the driveway just before the sun fully set and snapped a photo of the beautiful, untouched driveway filled with snow.

It was stunning. Peaceful. And a welcomed sight to relax at the end of a stressful drive.