Our First Warm Weather Farm Hike

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As a baby, we used to carry Isai around the farm in our Osprey hiking pack. For the most part, it was the only way we could get anything done around here. However, it had the added benefit of making him super comfortable with the pack. When we started taking him hiking later in the summer, he was excited for the change of scenery, but being in the pack itself was never a problem.

For Christmas this year, Aaron’s mom gifted us our second “baby backpack.” Isai is old enough to start hiking with us, but probably wouldn’t want to walk the whole route. So, we will definitely need two in order to take Elin in tow too.

Tonight, the weather was far too nice to stay inside. So, we loaded both of the kids up and did our first family test-hike with two backpacks. Both of the kids absolutely loved it. We roamed the backyard, saw the goats, checked out the burn area by the pond, then ventured into the back pasture.

Elin seemed to enjoy the views from her new perch while Isai seemed like a seasoned pro buckled into the new blue pack. Aaron looked around for deer sheds while I bounced around snapping photos. All-the-while, Kili followed us through the pasture – keeping our babies protected.

With more snow on the way, I don’t see us getting out with the packs again anytime soon. This really scratched the “come on summer!” itch though.