The Bathroom Tile is Officially Complete

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Our bathrooms have tile! Like, on the floors and walls. It’s incredible.

For the past two weeks, a crew from Renovation MD has been installing the tile in both our master and hall bathrooms. We went through many rounds of explaining our vision and getting bids from contractors. This team really stood out – both understanding what we wanted to achieve and telling us precisely how they could pull it off easily.

They nailed it.

The hall bath is still making a solid case for being my absolute favorite part of this entire renovation. The custom-honed matte terrazzo tile looks incredible in its large format. The recycled glass inside of it is perfectly complemented by the dimensions of green in the wall tile. The imperfect edges of the wall tile add texture and interest against the sleek and smooth style of the floor. All together – I couldn’t be happier.

The master bath surprised us all. We originally wanted large-format tile all the way through – but caved to the many recommendations that we use a smaller tile in the shower. We also wanted a large-format, pure white tile on the shower walls, but called an audible when we found an interesting modern texture in a smaller format.

We really weren’t sure if we were going to like it all together. But, look at this.

I am over the moon with the simple yet styled vibe we’re shaping up in our master bath. Once the tub goes in, hardware is added and glass divider is in place – I think we’ll really have a serene and classic space to enjoy for a long time to come.