Another Cold Snap and Fresh Snowfall

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The weirdly warm winter weather has snapped back to the chilly cold reality of the season. Last night, we got some fresh snow with flurries continuing through the day today.

Honestly, every time it snows, I’m reminded of our first winter on the farm. When we bought the place, we used to drive out here in the pitch-black evenings with our 3-month-old Isai to drive around and see the property. There’s something weirdly romantic about the untouched powder blanketing the land. The flakes falling in the backyard look like a scene out of a Hallmark Christmas movie. It is really something magical.

We recreated the drive-out-from-the-city vibes by loading the kids up in the truck and 4-wheeling through the backyard to see what we could see.

The views from the back side of the pond are probably some of my favorites in any season. It’s a beautiful greenspace with our house, barn and outbuildings dotting the horizon. From there, you can see the full aesthetic magic of the big trees that shade the house. This property is just laid out so well. I couldn’t tell you who made the decisions or when, but they did it right.

Naturally, out in that part of the yard – we got stuck. That only gave Aaron a bonus excuse to go get another truck to 4WD around and pull us out. That, in and of itself, what a project. However, it did exactly what it was designed to do: it got us out of the house and doing something fun on a day where we were otherwise all snowed in.

Once again, our home is a great place to live, play and explore.