Camp Crossley

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We are ready for the 4th of July weekend! Yesterday, we set up a tent in the backyard and took the kids for a side-by-side ride into town so we could stock up for a weekend of fun.

Camp Crossley was officially open for business in the backyard. In addition to our new family-sized tent, we’ve got a water table toy, lawn chairs, fire pit and lazy dogs. It’s the perfect campsite, really.

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With the tent up and the water table filled, we really thought we’d be able to keep the toddler entertained enough for a relaxing time around a campfire. We were, um, wrong.

An almost-2-year-old with the energy of a thousand children doesn’t pause for much of anything. We played in the pool, busted out some Play-doh, ate some snacks and eventually wandered back into the house for a much-needed low-key bedtime.

The tent took its maiden voyage into the weekend without us. But looking at the whole scene in the fading evening light, you have to admit it’s the perfect camp spot. One we’ll definitely return to again down the road.