Day 103: Quarantined on the Farm

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Our lives are very different from what they were in March. Aaron and I are no strangers to things changing dramatically and quickly. Still, this dramatic and quick shift wasn’t quite in our control. Given the option, I’m reasonably certain we wouldn’t have chosen it.

Tonight, we strapped Isai’s car seat into the side-by-side and went on a drive to visit my dad and Gena. They were playing cards with friends. We played with the baby, freshened his bottle, grabbed a drink from the fridge and went back out on the road.

The sun was setting as we pulled into our own driveway. Aaron opened the basement door to let the dogs run out of the house as we kept driving. They chased us toward the back pasture, then across it to the highest part of the hill.

From there, we turned the engine off and just looked around.

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