Making the Most of Our Sledding Hill

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Owning the world’s greatest sledding hill comes with a lot of responsibility. For example, every time it snows, we are required to use it.

We made good on our sledding promises with the kids this weekend. With the 6″+ snowfall on Thursday, we’ve been watching the sea of white in the front yard and planning our attack. The temps rose just enough on Saturday to get the kids bundled and comfortably spend some time outside without too many frozen fingers.

All of our dogs even got in on the action. I’ve got to tell you, there’s something truly epic about seeing 5 large dogs chase Aaron and Isai on the sled through the front yard. They were having the times of their lives – humans and animals alike.

Elin absolutely loves her tiny chariot and continues to jabber the entire time I pull her around the property. This time, she branched out of her comfort zone and started grabbing the snow from her seat. The grabbing quickly turned to eatting – and that’s pretty much just the life we’re living these days.

Isai, while enjoying the ride on the sled, absolutely refused to let go of his digger to leave the house. So, we enjoyed all of our outdoor fun with an excavator in tow. Again, it’s the life we’re living. We even managed to get him onto a small red saucer for a few slides down one of the smaller hills in the backyard. Excavator and all.