The Pears are Ripe

In Farm Life, Orchard Hill by Laura CrossleyLeave a Comment

Last year, we lost the pear tree to an early freeze and Cedar Apple Rust. This year, we lost some of the pear tree to another early freeze and a lighter case of Cedar Apple Rust.

But, some of the pear tree is thriving. And, Isai is loving it.

We’ve been grabbing pears for a quick bite while we roam. He would eat them all if we let him. He bites a good hole in the side, then proceeds to suck out the juice for however long we’re outside.

I loaded him and Sis up for a side-by-side ride and this continued for the entire cruise around the farm. I even had to watch him on bumps to make sure he didn’t have a bite to choke on.

Next year, we hope to give it all a bit of a better go – intentional orchard maintenance, fertilization and maybe even treating that Cedar Apple Rust before it gets the best of our fruits. This, though, is a pretty fantastic middle ground.