Cows in the Goat Grove

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“That’s, um, not our cow.”

We’ve become pretty accustomed to having guest cows appear on our land. Our back pasture neighbors a herd of Holsteins that are absolutely stunning. Occasionally, one or a few will come over to hang out with us. I don’t think Farmer Kensigner cares for chasing them down much – but we always enjoy the visit from new farm friends.

Today, we found this beauty hanging out with our own herd in the Goat Grove. We shuffled Big Mama and our other rescues into the grove for a bit of a windbreak while we work on some fencing and move their corral in the front pasture. Getting water to them is more and more of a task as well – and they’ve got easy access to a nice little spring in the Grove so this is generally saving us a lot of effort in many ways.

But imagine the surprise when we found this spare in with rest. To get there, multiple fences and treelines had to be passed. It’s impressive really.

Now, get back to your own farm, Bessie!