The Ceiling Falls

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This is that exact moment when you look around a wonder if you’re doing the right thing.

Scott is back in the master today pushing our renovation plans closer and closer to completion. Of course, things have to look worse before they can look better.

Last week, we decided to vault the ceiling in the master. It wasn’t part of the original plan – but I’ve tried very hard for quite a long while to convince Aaron to vault the living room and kitchen areas. The master is our “test” now, apparently.

The vault will solve for a handful of things. We’ve debated a ceiling fan. Even while “low profile,” Aaron is concerned for the height of the space and the ceiling fan being too low. His idea to solve for it was to vault.

On another hand, I’ve been a tad concerned for the size of our master. We want the whole house to feel spacious and easy to move through. Our master will be a great size, but not enormous. I think having the ceiling raised will offer some of that relaxing breathing room we’re hoping for.

Maybe there are some skylights in our future? We’ve discussed it for the kitchen but still haven’t committed. If we love the adjustment in the master, I could totally see a couple of awesome skylights going in later. Maybe around Phase 9 of this chaos. Ha!

Regardless of how it all shakes – this is the view of the reno today. Insulation everywhere. It’s total chaos. It definitely makes you think twice. And yet – it’s an awesome sign of the epic changes to come. Bring it on.